Howdy! My name is Mike and I like crappy movies!

That pretty much sums it up. What can I say? The sheer willpower it takes to plow through some crappy movies are what makes a man a man. Well, at least a man with sharp enough with to jib jab his way through the movie, juicing out any form of entertainment he can squeeze. So how did I get this way? Let me tell you:rowing up in the hard streets of Overland Park, Kansas, I’ve become accustomed to the quiet solitude of being the one who doesn’t fit in. Sure, I could succumb to the slap wrists and pop on the latest New Kids on the Block single, but back then I wanted more. No sheep skin here, I thought, and really

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no one else to hang out with. So I did what every potential smart alec nerd did, watch a ton of movies!
It first began with going to the theater. I’d go see a movie every Friday no matter what. But I wanted more. I started going to the freshly built Blockbuster video and rent top shelf movies. But I wanted more. I dug deep in the bowels of what was then a decent selection at Blockbuster. But I wanted more. In college, I would rent off brand movies from the local college shop. But I wanted more. Back home, I would rent a ‘six pack’ of movies at the mega local movie rental place, Video Library. I found more.
Video Library was a special place to me. By that time, I had a decent collection of watched movies in my razor sharp memory. So when you see a movie from an actor you like, you see more. Then you see others from that genre. Then you see others from that director or writer. Video Library had them all. Including the movies where stars of today participated in the crap of yesterday. And then it hit me.
Crappy movies are the love letters to movie making. When you don’t have a budget, when you don’t have a story, when you don’t have anything to laugh at, when you don’t have the star power, your movie will suffer. Even when some or all are missing, they still plod through and complete what they call works of art. The more and more they plod, the better they get. All because everyone has made a crappy movie.
When I sat down with Tim to do this site, it was in the name of that crappy love. When you walk in to a movie and do not take it seriously (even if the movie takes itself seriously), you can find yourself some enjoyment where the original artist who created it couldn’t. All because of the love of making movies. People busting their hump to deliver a terrible line or splat mega fake blood on someone’s face. You truly can appreciate what it takes to go through that just for a couple of hours out of your day.
So here we are celebrating the crappy love. Tim and I sit down every Epidose and bring the nuggets of joy to you. Not because we don’t want you to see, but because we like to prove that there is something enjoyable out of every movie. There’s crappy love in every movie. And we love brining it to you. Oh and for what else I did, let’s see here: I went to college, I work somewhere, and I live in the greatest city in the planet, Austin, Texas!