Feature Presentation Tournament Winner: Our Feature Presentation!


It’s been a long ride and we are sure you are finally ready for that damn movie to start.  But before you turn off that cell phone, here’s the Feature Presentation Tournament Winner:

Our Feature Presentation


Yes, the classic bumper unearthed by the dude who did Pulp Fiction made it to the top!  It may not have the technical prowess that the AMC bumper had, the stalwart fanfare of the 20th Century Fox bumper, or the rocking guitar and lazer effects of the HBO bumper.  But it did have one thing better than the rest:  charisma.

We here a GonzoGuys swim in low budget charisma and that’s exactly what Our Feature Presentation brought.  We can’t think of a better champion that fits the Don’t Fast Forward Way.  We are incredibly happy that you all voted for it.

Here are the final results.

Gonzo Guys Feature Presentation Bracket FinalIt’s been a long road and we’ve learned so much.  The Feature Presentation bumper is way more important than we imagined.  Everyone remembers the LucasFilm glow at Star Wars but it was the 20th Century Fox logo that came first.  You knew it was Saturday night with the family when the HBO bumper would fly out of the screen and into your face.  It’s a special moment that rings the bell for your movie watching experience.  Don’t let go of it.