Uncle Mike’s Original Fart Book – THE MOBILE FART (Phartus Mobilus)



(Phartus Mobilus)

Phartus mobilus is, as

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the name implies, a fart produced while in motion. The basic or well known types are listed below with a brief description of each type.


The Elevator Fart is one of the most common types of phartus mobilus. It is most often classified in the phartus anonymous/phartus minimus category. It is quite famous although not one of the more popular varieties.


The phartus transitus, or Bus Fart, is a well known variety of phartus mobilus which

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is quite prevalent in larger cities. It is also known as the Subway Fart (phartus transitus subterraneous). It is quite similar to the phartus ascendus/descendus.


More commonly known as the Airplane Fart, this variety is relatively new. Because it occurs within a pressurized area, it is generally of the phartus minimus variety. Sub-specii of this variety include phartus panamus, phartus transworldis, phartus deltus, phartus easternus, and many more lesser known varieties.


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