You Have Entered the Phone Zone


So after struggling through my neat vintage Aiwa home theater Goodwill grab and nearly crunching the tap on the Phone Antics tape, I finally found a way to get the sound off.  For those who don’t remember, the holiday Epidose featured a gift exchange that included this weird looking Phone Antics tape.  Welp, I dug an old Walkman and was able to play the tape in its entirety.  A Gonzo tape indeed.

I guess the point of these phone messaging tape was to lighten the mode and help relieve any distress for not actually reaching someone on the telephone. Yes, there was a time in our world where the phones stayed home and its owners came out to play.  When I was a kid, I distinctly remember this little ad rightcheer


So you can feel the joy that I had when I got the Phone Antics message tape.  But when I Walkmanned up on it, it turned out to be very different.  Apparently the previous owners of the message tape didn’t follow instructions and recorded over the side of the tape with all of the funny messages.  The result?  Just one of the messages over and over.  Give a listen

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So thank you, Muldahills, for taking some major excitement and turning it into are repeating question of your own intelligence levels.