Uncle Mike’s Original Fart Book – Final Note


As stated earlier, these are the most common varieties of farts from the animal world. There are indeed others. Rare and exotic forms of all types comes to the limelight occasionally. However for the purpose of this book, this list should suffice.

This book is by no means complete. It is only intended as a reference manual to be used by the ardent student of Phartology as a primer, a beginning point from which to grow and expand in their own personal study of the science.

We hope you will use it. We hope you will enjoy it. We hope you will buy more copies for your friends and family, for your neighbors, and for your neighbor’s friends and family. And for your family’s neighbors. And for people you like. And for people you don’t like.

If you need additional copies, simply mail. $2.50 with your return address to: Apple Design, Inc., 9822 Pflumn, Lenexa, Kansas 66215. By sending for additional copies, you will not only be giving a gift that is unique, you

will be helping to make the writer more and more wealthy, and by so doing he will have to pay more income tax, and that will help the country prosper. So be patriotic. Buy more copies soon!


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