Feature Presentation Tournament: Movie Theater Region


Welcome back to the Feature Presentation Tournament!  We find ourselves in the movie theater region this week.  The AMC Play In went without a hitch and that film strip guy is back trying to battle his way into the final four.  He’ll have some tough competition with other theaters vying for the regional crown.  Let’s do this!

Regency Theatres Feature Presentation


Solid effort from Regency here.  The building violins and the bellowing orchestration helps guide the camera slowly down up a view of one of the theaters.  Just when you think it’s over, the logo pops up and the music blows up.  Great fanfare all around.  The palm trees are a nice touch too.

Mann Theaters 1980s Policy and Feature Presentation trailers


This is the most 80s of all the 80s feature presentation bumpers.  It starts out like a training video with that smooth saxaphone bleeting in the background.  Then finishes up with the Casio soundbed of a deep dude telling us about the pinnacle of entertainment.  It’s totally 80s all around.

ACT III Feature Presentation


Ah yes, now the 1990s is where computer animation came in.  Act III does most of its work in there but also kind of hints at an HBO opening with the flying cars and the blippity bloopity.  Or was that an Imperial Probe Droid?  Kudos on the keen produce placement as well.  Not much else for the actually company though.

AMC Theatres Feature Presentation Trailer (2003)


Starts out like Jurassic Park, gets a little Toy Story, then wraps up with some Abyss.   Except there’s a little film strip dude and mucho produce placement.  He beat the others and he’s looking to beat the rest.  He’s on a roll (of film.  Get it.  He’s made of movie film!).

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So there we go.  Let’s vote again this week.  We had strong numbers last week and we’re looking for them to continue to get even bigger.  It’s open now and will close on up next Tuesday night.  We’re so close to the final four I can hear Bill Raftery clearing his throat!  With a kiss off the rim!