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Feature Presentation Tournament: Final Four


Here we go, it’s the big tomata!  After weeks of furious voting we have separated the wheat from the chaff and are rolling into the final four of our Feature Presentation Tournament.  Each region is represented well as we have the solid contenders as well as a few surprises busting it’s way to this last week of battling.  Which type of feature presentation do you like?  Which one from each type is heads above the rest?  It’s your turn to vote, but first, let’s check out our Final Four. Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: Final Four

Feature Presentation Tournament: AMC Play In Winner!


Alrighty, the results are in on the AMC Play In so let’s get right to it.  The people have spoken and we get to see the AMC Theatres Feature Presentation Trailer (2003) move on to the next round.  I guess people really like their Coca-Cola.  Check out the results richeer.  We have the regions starting up tomorrow, but we also have one more result left.  We may clue ya’ll in on that this weekend.   In the meantime, drink some Coke with this clip:


Feature Presentation Tournament Time!


It’s the Gonzo Guys in text form! We were kids growing up remembering all the intros while getting into seats of movie theaters or the couches of our living rooms. Today it doesn’t seem as impactful. There was a golden age of great movie bumpers and we both think it’s gone. So in celebration of all great bumpers of the past, we are doing a bracket tournament! Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament Time!