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Feature Presentation Tournament: Cable Television Region


The final week of the regionals have come upon us and we are plowing straight into the Cable Television part of the Feature Presentaion Tournament.  We had an upset in the HBO Play In and now it looks to compete with mostly pay for cable television stations.  Yeah TCM is up in the mix but it’s only half pay for.  At least until we go full a la carte or just free across the board.  It’ll be awhile before that happens but this region is happening now:

SHOWTIME promos feature presentation


It’s kind of an 80s feel with the clips and then it rolls into more of a 90s feel with the graphics and the music.  It’s a good mix of kitschy playfulness and uber professionalism.  The only thing that lacks a bit is the music.  The music starts out cool but then it goes off in some kind of cheesy school ground sound.  But hey, it finds that middle ground.

TCM Feature Presentation


This feature presentation looks like it’s a feature presentation that actually had feature presentation in the title.  Notwithstanding, this little ditty features the biggest build up we’ve seen all tournament.  But once it hits, we get the full fanfare and a faux movie theater complete with spinning spotlights.  This one is all about the long play and payoff folks.

Cinemax Intro


Cinemax wasn’t going to be outdone by the other channels period piece of a feature presentation.  By period we mean the 1980’s, not the 1880’s, and more like the late 80’s at that.  The graphics display a style no longer seen today.   The music is super generic and gets the point across.  The palette spelling out Cinemax Movie is a real nice touch.

HBO – Classic 1987 Feature Presentation Intro


Yes, it had the major upset in the HBO Play In, now it’s on to see if it beats the other cable television networks.  The music stands out the best across the competition.  What can we say?  We love the hard rocking guitar.  It’s not classical like the other entries, but it has a style we don’t see much in this region.  That said, the graphics are a bit too lazery, aren’t they?

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There you have it, folks.  We got some strong competition rounding out the cable television region.  Get your votes on and get it going strong as well.  We’ll have one more final four once y’all pick a winner.   Watch the clips, read the reviews, and click away!