Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Play In


First up on the Feature Presentation Tournament is the Wild Card Play-In.  Yes we found some easily identifiable groups to toss the others in, but there were some that were so good that didn’t fit into categories.  So we dumped them in here.  We found enough that we also decided to have a Play-In for them too.  Let’s take a look at them:

Toho K.K./TohoScope – logo, 1957 (RARE variant with fanfare!)

We reached way back for this one.  Toho, the movie studio famous for Godzilla, has a colorful, almost firework like bumper.  We tossed this one in because we love Godzilla, but we also wanted to highlight the international flavor of a feature presentation bumper.  Also, horns.

Dolby Stereo – Our Feature Presentation

There’s one other famous sound company bumper we have in the tournament.  The average Joe knows that one.  The Dolby Stereo one is a lot less known.  In fact, we didn’t know about it until we researched it.   We’re not sure why, however.  It’s got blips and bleeps that fits in with the EDM sound of today, and this was produced in 80’s.

General Cinema Corporation – Feature Presentation – 1977

We’ve never heard of this group, but we like their jazz tendencies.  It almost feels like an educational video when you see the logo go through it’s transformations.  But what really puts it over the top is the bubbly background flowing through the mathematical cut of the logo.  It’s playful and weird.  That pretty much sums up Gonzo Guys.

 Drive-In Feature Presentation

There’s definitely a theme with the Wild Card Play-In:  there are lesser known versions of bumpers that are just as good as the more well known versions.  This time it’s the 70s drive-in feature presentation bumper.  This one is way more Moog synthy than the other one.  It’s almost like the computer nerd version of the jock jam popular one.

Gonzo Guys Wild Card Play In

So that’s the first list.  Hit up the pollsters and vote like no tomorrow.  Vote often as well.  We’ll tally our results up and note it when we go over the next Play-In.

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Until then, welcome to our Feature Presentation and Don’t Fast Forward!