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Feature Presentation Tournament: Movie Studio Region Winner


Next up in the Feature Presentation Tournament is the winner for the Movie Studio Region!  It was a tough battle but somehow the 20th Century Fox Intro Full-HD 1080p bumper came out on top!  It’s classic.  It’s iconic.  It beat the Evil Corp that is Disney.  It’s going on to the Final Four of the tournament.  Check out the results here.  Stay tuned as the next round it coming up.


Feature Presentation Tournament: Movie Studio Region


This week’s region takes us back to the movie studios.   After theaters tout their stuff, you usually get movie studios doing the same thing.  There’s a grand history of movie studio fanfare and we feel like we captured all the right candidates.  The bad boys of the studios, Disney, are back but they have some stiff competition.  Let’s take a look: Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: Movie Studio Region

Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In Winner!

Yup, we have another winner and this time it’s over on the Disney side of things.  The Disney Rare Feature Presentation ID takes home in this one.  Yeah it’s a tie breaker, and yes I just broke it.  It’s much like how Disney breaks our will and soul every day.  And oh doe we enjoy it.  Here’s the results.  Take another look a this beauty:


Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Play In Winner!


Update time!  We have our first winner!  In a near landslide victory the General Cinema Corporation‘s 1977 Feature Presentation bumper is the first to advance in our Feature Presentation Tournament!  It’s weird, it’s bleepy, and it’s down right puzzling.  Perfect for the Gonzo Guys and they have moved on to the Wild Card Region.  Check out the survey results if you are bored. Remember to vote for the Disney Play In and look for the next Play In tomorrow!


Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In

The Feature Presentation bracket is in full swing and this time we take a stroll down family entertainment lane. Disney is synonymous with the family as it’s taken over not only the stories that kids love, but also the stories that we as adults loved as kids (I’m looking at you Marvel and Star Wars). So it makes sense to have some sort of grand, boisterous intro into each carefully manufactured piece of family propaganda. It was hard to whittle it down but we have four that really show’s Disney’s teeth, and by teeth we mean fangs, and by fangs we mean soul vampire. Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In

Feature Presentation Tournament Time!


It’s the Gonzo Guys in text form! We were kids growing up remembering all the intros while getting into seats of movie theaters or the couches of our living rooms. Today it doesn’t seem as impactful. There was a golden age of great movie bumpers and we both think it’s gone. So in celebration of all great bumpers of the past, we are doing a bracket tournament! Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament Time!