Uncle Mike’s Original Fart Book – Phartus Interruptus and Phartus Whisperus



The Parted Fart, as it is commonly known, is a special category and will fall into one of the five broad classifications above.  This strange phenomenon occurs when a fart is produced in two or more short bursts, each appearing to be individual and separate.  This may indeed be the case.

However, as in the case of the phartus interruptus, it may be in fact one larger fart that has simply fragmented internally, similar to identical twins.
If this should occur and the farts were of the phartus phartus variety, the correct scientific nomenclature for this particular phenomenon would be phartus phartus/phartus interruptus.




Known for years as the Whispering Fart, the phartus whisperus is closely akin to the phartus minimus and the phartus anonymous.  It actually falls somewhere in between the two.  In its perfect state it makes the sound “psssssst”.  It is most often produced while sitting in an overstuffed chair.
To continue with our study of Phartology, we must now further break down the classifications into two more nomenclatures: phartus staticus (the stationary fart) and phartus mobilus (the mobile fart).  Let us first examine the phartus staticus.