Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Region


We have run through the Play Ins and now we are at the Regionals for the Feature Presentation Tournament.  It’s been a fun ride so far and we are now kicking it up a notch.  This week we go back to the Wild Card region and lay out some fresh contestants as well as the Play In Region champ.  Just like last time, we’ll open voting for a week.  Let’s play ball!

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Feature Presentation Tournament: AMC Play In Winner!


Alrighty, the results are in on the AMC Play In so let’s get right to it.  The people have spoken and we get to see the AMC Theatres Feature Presentation Trailer (2003) move on to the next round.  I guess people really like their Coca-Cola.  Check out the results richeer.  We have the regions starting up tomorrow, but we also have one more result left.  We may clue ya’ll in on that this weekend.   In the meantime, drink some Coke with this clip:


Feature Presentation Tournament: HBO Play In


This is the one that started this wacky idea.  We we running our mouths on another epidose and had to re-live our love for HBO’s Feature Presentation.  So after researching some more on this guy, we discovered that we needed a play in just for HBO.  This is what you see before your eyes today.  Let’s do this: Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: HBO Play In

Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In Winner!

Yup, we have another winner and this time it’s over on the Disney side of things.  The Disney Rare Feature Presentation ID takes home in this one.  Yeah it’s a tie breaker, and yes I just broke it.  It’s much like how Disney breaks our will and soul every day.  And oh doe we enjoy it.  Here’s the results.  Take another look a this beauty:


Feature Presentation Tournament: AMC Play In


Growing up Gonzo in the Kansas City Area led us to see plenty of movies at AMC Theaters.  I remember being there as a kid and growing along with the bumpers for the Feature Presentation Tournament.  This play in has some sentiment.  But mostly alot of snark for that damn walking film guy.   Clip is his name.   Let’s play ball! Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: AMC Play In

Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Play In Winner!


Update time!  We have our first winner!  In a near landslide victory the General Cinema Corporation‘s 1977 Feature Presentation bumper is the first to advance in our Feature Presentation Tournament!  It’s weird, it’s bleepy, and it’s down right puzzling.  Perfect for the Gonzo Guys and they have moved on to the Wild Card Region.  Check out the survey results if you are bored. Remember to vote for the Disney Play In and look for the next Play In tomorrow!


Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In

The Feature Presentation bracket is in full swing and this time we take a stroll down family entertainment lane. Disney is synonymous with the family as it’s taken over not only the stories that kids love, but also the stories that we as adults loved as kids (I’m looking at you Marvel and Star Wars). So it makes sense to have some sort of grand, boisterous intro into each carefully manufactured piece of family propaganda. It was hard to whittle it down but we have four that really show’s Disney’s teeth, and by teeth we mean fangs, and by fangs we mean soul vampire. Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: Disney Play In

Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Play In


First up on the Feature Presentation Tournament is the Wild Card Play-In.  Yes we found some easily identifiable groups to toss the others in, but there were some that were so good that didn’t fit into categories.  So we dumped them in here.  We found enough that we also decided to have a Play-In for them too.  Let’s take a look at them: Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament: Wild Card Play In

Feature Presentation Tournament Time!


It’s the Gonzo Guys in text form! We were kids growing up remembering all the intros while getting into seats of movie theaters or the couches of our living rooms. Today it doesn’t seem as impactful. There was a golden age of great movie bumpers and we both think it’s gone. So in celebration of all great bumpers of the past, we are doing a bracket tournament! Continue reading Feature Presentation Tournament Time!

G2D2: Round 2 – Double Trouble

No, not this kind of double troubl
No, not this kind of double trouble.

This round’s contenders: Lemon Blueberry Smash & Back Porch Bourbon–Lemon Blue Berry Smash-360 Vodka, fresh smashed lemons & blueberries, soda and a splash of blueberry juice. Served on ice.–Back Porch Bourbon: Woodford Reserve Bourbon, raspberry liqueur, fresh raspberries, lime, cranberry juice & soda. Served on ice.

The REAL double trouble.
REAL double trouble. Back Porch right & LBB Smash right.

Lest I be derelict in my duties, I felt my long absence between G2D2 posts merited knocking back two drinks for round two. As seen from above, I like getting my fruit. Just because you might be drunk does not mean you should ignore nutritional guidelines. I should mention that my food pyramid has a pool in the basement called booze.

FDA Food Pyramid-Gonzo Modification

I picked up both of these bad boys at a local joint, The Anchor. Great place, great food, good beer and drinky-drink selections. On to the librations…my initial selection was the Back Porch Bourbon. Like drinking a Smurf with diabetes, it proved too damn sweet.

Brimley Smurf…dia-uh-BEETUS.

As I slogged through the sweetness, the movie that came to mind was a gem from 1989 “Ginger Ale Afternoon” starring Lisa Simpson (Yeardly Smith). I regularly consider this film as a possible selection for an epidose, but I just can pull trigger. By that I mean, if I watched the whole movie I would have to shoot myself. I think the trailer is just plenty thank you very much. Much like just a couple of sips of the Back Porch Bourbon. Now, it should be noted that the Gonzo Missus rather enjoyed the Back Porch Bourbon over her drink, the aforementioned, Lemon Blueberry Smash. It was determined a swap was in order. Following a successfully executed drink switcheroo, I found a drink much more to my liking. The Lemon Blueberry Smash was nice and Vodka strong, but not overly sweet. I imagine a couple of them would knock me on my Gonzo ass, but I would feely immensely refreshed as I crashed to the ground on said posterior. Movie-wise, I put it on par with any of those emotion twisting dog movies they show you as a child. You think it is a nice little story about a kid and their pet, but by the end the dog is dead, rabid, or otherwise replaced. Take your pick from Old Yeller, Sounder, My Dog Skip, and to a lesser extent Cujo. Feel free to picture any traumatizing film from your childhood as an equivalent to having too many of these. Overall, I would elect to have a couple of these and risk the ass bruise. Just to tasty and refreshing. Now if you excuse me, I need to go form a lasting bond with a dog and then remind myself that I will more than likely outlive my four-legged friend. Someone get me a Lemon Blueberry Smash…cheap new balance trainers